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Instead of taking half in October and half in April, we have decided to take the whole sub (£80, unchanged) at the start of our financial year, in January.
You’ll see the entry as ˜GoCardless’.

If you are still signed up for a Standing Order, please contact Patrick in the office at [email protected] in order to be switched over to Direct Debit. Or you can go to the membership page of the website https://www.appps.org.uk/membership to fill in a DD mandate. You should of course then cancel your Standing Order.

Publicity for UCL Psychoanalysis Conference ‘Societies of Outsiders’
Date: 21 and 22 May 2022
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David Bell
The London Lectures on Psychoanalysis
April-July 2022
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APP Newsletter – Autumn 2021

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Health, work and Covid-19: why we must avoid repeating the mistakes
of the past

Centre for Mental Health Blog By Jeremy Clarke
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APP Member/Colleague Survey in a time of crisis
Please complete so we can best support our NHS colleagues.
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Supporting the NHS during COVID-19:
What the Coalition for Psychoanalysis in the NHS can offer 
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Updated Consensus Statement
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BPC statement on Homosexuality – APP response

Manifesto and Better Mental Health – Psychoanalytic Coalition
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